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Project Name: Flagstaff Road Reconstruction
Client: Rural City of Murray Bridge
Location: Murray Bridge
Contract Value: $2.3m

The reconstruction of Flagstaff Road was seen as a strategic project for the provision of both Primary and Secondary freight networks through the region and provides a direct linkage between two secondary freight routes (Hoadville Road and Pfeiffer Road) as well as supporting significant operations that provide economic stimulus and employment within the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Works Undertaken: 
Liaison and co-operation with service authorities, preparation of management plans and QA, tree removal and associated site clearing, primary earthworks viz, boxing out of roadway, stockpiling of topsoil, filling and compaction, etc. Roadwork’s construction included; sub-grade preparation, road sub-base and base course construction, including block paving, spray seal/asphaltic concrete (hot mix) wearing course including before/after survey, line marking and signage.

Project Name: Hoadville Road Construction
Client: Rural City of Murray Bridge
Location: Murray Bridge
Contract Value: $770,000

Spry Civil Construction was engaged to reconstruct 3.5km of Hoadville Road ready for sealing works.  The project includes two intersections, Jarvis Road and Flagstaff Road.

Works Undertaken: 
The construction of 26,500m of new sealed spray sealed road (Hoadville Road), the construction of 3,400m2 of asphalt intersections (Jarvis and Flagstaff Road), 2x stormwater crossings, 300lm of fencing reinstatement, line marking, installation of new safety signage.

Project Name: Newbridge Subdivision Stage 1
Client: Burke Urban
Location: Murray Bridge
Contract Value: $2.3m

Newbridge is Murray Bridge’s newest neighbourhood which is being built on the grounds of the old Murray Bridge Race Course. Construction of Stage 1 (of 10) consists of 37 allotments of which some will overlook the new golf course expansion. 

Being the beginning of the subdivision development, there were no common services within the property and therefore we were required to install completely new electrical, stormwater, sewer, potable water, NBN and gas into the new development. 

Works Undertaken: Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Installation, Sewer Installation, Portable Water Installation, Gas Main Installation, Electrical Installation, Installation of Lighting, Common Service Tenching, Kerbing, Footpath, Pavement Works, Asphalt Supply

Project Name: Thomas Foods International – Road Construction
Client: The Rural City of Murray Bridge
Location: Murray Bridge (Pallamana)
Contract Value: $3.2m


The Rural City of Murray Bridge (on behalf of Department of Infrastructure & Transport) oversaw the tender and construction of a literal 2.2Km link road between Mannum Road and the proposed new TFI facility North of Murray Bridge.

Council was pleased to announce that Downer EDI Pty Ltd, in conjunction with a local Murray Bridge Company Spry Civil Construction, were awarded the construction contract for the road project. Site works commenced in July 2020 and were complete in December 2020.

The project will include acceleration and deceleration lanes to facilitate safe passage for turning and a new intersection with lighting on Mannum Road.

The infrastructure will help facilitate the TFI meat processing plant rebuild after the local site was destroyed by fire two years ago, significantly impacting the local economy and workforce.

The Federal and State Governments have committed $14 million to the project to provide access to the new site.

Works Undertaken: Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Installation, Kerbing, Pavement Works, Asphalt/Spray Seal Supply, Line Marking

Project Name: Murray Bridge Race Course
Client: Murray Bridge Race Course
Location: Gifford Hill
Contract Value: $1.68m

Gifford Hill is a joint venture between Burke Urban and related investor parties, the Murray Bridge Racing Club and Thoroughbred Racing SA . The purpose of the joint venture was to relocate the existing Murray Bridge Racecourse from Maurice Road, to a new $35 million facility at Gifford Hill; an 800 hectare parcel of land on the Southern side of the South-Eastern freeway from Murray Bridge.

Spry Civil Construction were fortunate enough to be awarded the final civil works package to construct the patrons carpark, spectator mound, parade ring and mounting yard.

Works Undertaken: Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Installation, Electrical Installation, Installation of Lighting, Kerbing, Footpath, Pavement Works, Asphalt Supply Landscaping

Project Name: Mutton Cove Gas Pipeline
Client: SEAGAS
Location: Mutton Cove, Osborne
Contract Value: $80k

Spry Civil Construction were engaged to undertake a deep excavation of the Port Campbell to Adelaide SEA Gas pipeline at Mutton Cove Conservation Park (Osborne, SA). The purpose of the excavation was to perform a pipeline defect assessment and rectification works where necessary.

Prior to works commencing, a permit was obtained from the Environment Protection Authority to discharge treated excavation water back into the Port River. A licence was also obtained from the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) to enter and work on the land parcel, which is a conservation area.

An excavation dewatering system was installed, and additional pumps were brought in to ensure the excavation was dry enough for personnel entry. An engineered shoring system was then installed to hold back the pressure of water and surrounding soils from entering the excavation. 

The excavation was considered to be a confined space with a potential contaminated atmosphere, so each person entering was connected via a harness to a fall arrest inertial reel, and then once inside, to a winch extraction system. When the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas was detected above the minimum safe threshold, the workers also had to wear an approved respirator. The pipeline was fully exposed back to the bare metal for close inspection and engineering assessment by SEA Gas. Coating defects and metal loss rectification works were then managed by SEA Gas in accordance with industry protocols.. 

The entire 4m length of exposed pipeline was then re-coated using an approved two tape system, tested for discontinuities, sand shaded and backfilled.  In re-coating the pipeline, several challenges were overcome by the project team, including keeping the pipeline dry during recoating (as water continued to ingress down the side of the shoring onto the pipeline) and surface preparation of the existing coating, which was either disbonding or holding moisture, at the pipeline /shoring interface.

Works Undertaken:
The excavation was very challenging due to the depth, which was 5.5m to bottom of excavation, the close proximity to the tidal influences of the Port River and the fact that the pipeline was fully pressurised (>100 Bar). 

The high-risk work included:

Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Installation, Sewer Installation, Portable Water Installation, Gas Main Installation, Electrical Installation, Installation of Lighting, Common Service Tenching, Kerbing, Footpath, Pavement Works, Asphalt Supply

Project Name: The Bend Motorsport Park
Location: Eastern Paddock Area Dukes Hwy, Tailem Bend
Contract Value:

The Bend Motorsport Park is one of the most significant developments in Australian motorsport history. A state of the art, world-class motorsport facility, The Bend delivers an exhilarating experience for competitors, enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Developed and primarily funded by the Peregrine Corporation, South Australia’s largest private company, construction started on The Bend in November 2016 with the main motor racing circuit completed in April 2018 in time for the first events. Additional precincts will continue to open in 2019.

Works Undertaken:
Spry Civil Construction was engaged to carry out civil works such as initial site preparation, Common Service Trenching, installation of services, installation of stormwater culverts, installation of class-e grated drain, granular pavement preparation, asphalt, concrete slabs, fencing, line marking on the Eastern Paddock Area which is a secondary pit building and paddock area that supports the Main Racing Circuit.

Project Name: Jarvis Road Pavement Construction
Client: Rural City of Murray Bridge Council
Location: Jarvis Road, Murray Bridge
Contract Value:


Jarvis Road is classified as a secondary freight route within Council Road Management Hierarchy. It is currently unsealed and as a result requires significant maintenance. The pavement depth was insufficient to accommodate large freight movements and requires additional depth and sealing to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets its intended useful life. Sealing 950m of exiting unsealed pavement to accommodate increased freight movements.

Works Undertaken:
Spry Civil Construction were engaged to reconstruct an unsealed road to make suitable for sealing. Scope involved installation of stormwater culverts, pipes and headwalls, importation and delivery of PM2/20 materials to site, reconditioning in-situ pavement, conditioning of new pavement materials, compaction, testing, final trimming with machine guidance (GPS), 14/7 spray seal.

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